Target dollar spot haul

Today we hit the dollar spot at Target. I was on the hunt for anything school related. Amelia starts pre k in less then a month so I wanted to add more things to help her learn at home.

I bought these to make a behavior chart for them they can earn stickers and at the end of every week they can get a treat or money.
These were a dollar each.
The letter magnets are a dollar and the other two are three dollars each
I loved this chore chart it was three dollars and the word builder was also three dollars
I got these for Nolan they had different flash cards and books for order kids
A dollar each to help Amelia with her writing. 


I got a bucket to put all this stuff in while I work on their learning area. I made a stop a Walmart too and ended up picking more supplies.

I’ll admit I went a little school happy but I love school supplies. Should’ve been a teacher.

I wanted to share their new chore and behavior chart. We are trying a new method (wish us luck). Amelia and Nolan will be able to earn stars and in exchange they will receive 50 cents for every star. They can either exchange the stars for a treat or save the money for a future trip to target. I know Nolan is a little young to understand but I hope he catches on. Never too young right?

Do you guys have a chore and behavior chart? Did it work for you ? Where else is a good place to get teaching supplies?  Let me know.

-Sometimes a Good Mom of Two

Our Disney trip with tips and must haves


Our Disney trip with tips and must haves


Today on my blog I wanted to share how we survived Disneyland and California Adventures with 2 kids along with some must haves that made everything easier.

Tips and must dos
1: Download the Disneyland App.
You can buy your tickets, check wait times, etc. it’s basically a map on your phone of where everything is located. We used it very often.

2: Get a hotel nearby.
We stayed at the Eden Inn Roc. Which was about a 10-15 min walk to Downtown Disney. The rooms have their own mini fridge and microwave. We really enjoyed their pool too. Would definitely stay here again!

3: Go back to the hotel for a nap and lunch.
We noticed that if we went back to the hotel to rest by the time we got back some people were already leaving the park. Having lunch at the hotel helped with saving money.

4: Find a hotel with free breakfast. Our hotel didn’t offer this. So I bought a electric skillet and made pancakes in the morning. Bisquick shack n pour are life savers.

5: Don’t forget about fast passes.
We used a couple but next time will take full advantage of this on the most busiest rides.

6: Disney Jr Dance Party
It’s in California Adventures. Seriously this show was pretty awesome. This was on my must do for Nolan. He loves Mickey and the Roadster Racers it also had Sophia the 1st, Doc mcstuffins and the Lion Guard.

7: Get a Mechelada at the cove bar
They were really good!



1: Camelback / water backpack
Hubby would fell this up in the morning with ice and water. It was easier then buying water or soda all the time. The kids love drinking out of it so next time I want to get Millie her own.

2: Double stroller / stroller
I found mine on offer up for $20. I loved it because it held a lot of things and the kids fit comfortable in it.

3: Led string lights (link)
This isn’t really a must have but I thought I would share. I put string lights on our stroller so at night it was easier to find and it helped with finding things we needed. Plus we got a couple people asking us where we got them.

4: Snacks and lollipops
They helped keep the kids busy while we waiting in line or while Nolan was sitting in the stroller.

5: Glow sticks
I went to the dollar store to get some. Once it got dark I gave them to kids in line so they had something to entertain themselves with.

6: Blanket
It gets a little chilly at night but this also helped when we watched the parades to have something to sit on it also created like a boundary for other people not to try to sit in front of us or too close.

7: tissues, wet ones and hand sanitizer
They came in handy to wipe their hands after eating a lollipop or before eating a snack.

8: Free Disney Buttons
Don’t forget to get your free buttons. I got Nolan a 1st time button and a Happy Birthday button for me. I had people telling me happy birthday all day long.



Even though it was super tiring walking so much I wish we lived in California because I’m pretty sure I would take the kids all the time. Seeing the excitement of meeting their favorite characters was so precious. Next time I want get a lanyard and trade pins with cast members.


Our matching shirts I made.

Nolan Meeting Goofy
Amelia laying in Minnie’s bed


-Sometimes a Good Mom of Two



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