Why I gave my kids a playroom

I finally gave in and I’m kicking myself for not doing this along time ago. Well we have always had an extra room with my husbands old bed in it along with random stuff. It was basically our guest room. I decided to move the bed in to Nolan’s room. We were already talking about how he needed a bigger bed because his crib was getting to small for how crazy he sleeps. Plus when we actually do have guest they can stay in there. Apparently no matter how nice or how big my kids beds are they rather sleep in our room.

I wanted a place where they can make a mess and I can just close the door. In all honesty they were taking over every single room and I wanted my house back. Not going to lie I feel like I was losing it every time I would step on a toy or I would would pick them up and not even 5 mins later they were all on the floor again. What is it about kids that like to make a mess in a clean area? I just cleaned the playroom for the picture above and I can hear Nolan dumping everything out. The best part is it’s not down stairs. I also incorporated a new rule no toys down stairs or they will be taken to the trash. You should see how fast they pick them up.

I decided not to paint the room and leave it as is for now because I didn’t want to worry about the walls having crayon or chalk marks. I do want to put a small couch and a tv for them since Nolan likes to grab everything that isn’t his in my room if I’m not watching. I’m pretty happy about the room probably more then kids. Now I don’t have to apologize for the mess my kids make when people actually visit. I just couldn’t take being behind them 24/7 to see what mess they were making. If you don’t have an extra room like us. Give them a specify area and get your sanity back. One thing I forgot to mention was I did clean out the toys before taking them upstairs.

Now that I’m the rightful owner of my home again. Hahaha. I been working on decorating and making things for it. Hopefully I will be posting some diys and decor ideas soon.


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