How to paint a Geometric accent wall

How to paint a geometric accent wall

Things your going to need.
• Painter Tape ( a couple rolls)
• Scissors
• Sample Paint
• Roller of paint brush
• Gold Paint (optional) you can paint the color your want before adding the shapes
• Level
• Ruler



We decided to move Amelia rooms to our old guest room and put Nolan in her old room. I kind of just threw all her stuff in there and called it a day. I told myself that one day I would paint it and make it nice. Well months later I finally did.

I got the idea from YouTube. I remembered buying a bunch of paint samples from Lowes ( sometimes they have them on sale for 99cents). I had paint left over from other projects as well. I headed upstairs. No idea what I was going to do. Absolutely didn’t have any high expectations. I even texted my husband saying ” well if it comes out ugly I can just paint over it”.

So I started taping the wall. Creating triangles and different shapes. I measured some of them. I did make sure all my straight lines were leveled. You can say I basically winged it.

Then came the painting. This is were I wish I would’ve taken my time and seen what color was going to go where instead I took each color and choose a shape to paint. Again winging it. I think it worked out in the end.


I got this crazy idea that I wanted the tape lines gold. At first I was hoping I could find gold tape but then I found gold paint at Hobby Lobby. This was the hardest part! Painting the rest of the room with two kids while hubby was at work was easier then painting lines.

I had to tape inside every shape to have this clean lines. I used a craft knife and scissors to make sure the tape wasn’t covering the old tape lines.

Finally took my small artist brush and started painting. It took about 3 – 4 coats of gold to cover the green. The Hobby Lobby I went to only had 1 can left of paint but I wish I could’ve gotten 2 to use a small paint roller instead of the brush. I do have some touch up I need to do from the tape ripping the paint off.

Don’t forget to use a coupon at Hobby Lobby

In the end I absolutely love how it came out. The color combination is so girly and I totally wish it was my office ( currently writing this in her room because I love it that much).

Stay tune for other DIYS I have plan for her room and just in general. My mind is always coming up with crazy ideas ( my poor husband hates me..kidding) to change and add things to my house.



Why we only want two kids

Let me start off by saying I love kids and sometimes I would love to have more. With that being said kids are a lot of work. Remember we are raising adults here. Here are some of the reasons we decided to only have two and why I praise people who have more!

– Giving our kids the attention they need. I don’t ever want my kids to feel left out or feel like I wasn’t there enough for them.

– Might I add kids are expensive. From when their born to when they finally move out hahaha who am I kidding. Eventually I’ll be spoiling the grandkids.

– We want them to play sports. This adds to kids are expensive.

– I want another dog hahahaha I had to add this because I’m dying to have a puppy.

– Nolan is like having two kids in one. Examples below.

Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work. -C.S Lewis

– About two weeks ago I had a stomach bug.  Hubby had to come home from work for two days. Not being able to take care of my kids and myself was the worse for me. It reminded me how I wouldn’t like being pregnant again while taking care of two kids ( I get really bad morning sickness when I’m pregnant).

– I am looking forward to when both kids are in school. I want to be able to volunteer in their classrooms and attend any events they have. This is a huge reason for me. Since my mom was a single parent she would often miss events in my childhood.

– I can win family of four tickets without having to buy an extra one. I’m totally kidding! Hahaha

– We want to be able to travel and do fun things with our kids. Like go to Disneyland and water parks.

– I hate being pregnant. Giving birth was the easy part Nolan practically walked out. I just didn’t like being sick and so uncomfortable.

– We would love to adopt! We are waiting for the kids to get a bit older to see what are options are I’m hoping we can give a kid out there a better life one day.

– Let me add that if Nolan would’ve been a girl we would’ve decided to try again for a boy.

I am no means saying you couldn’t do any of the above things with more kids. These are just a couple of reasons that justify our decision.

Sometimes A Good Mom of Two.

Introducing Myself!

Meet Nolan.
My husband and I.
Meet Amelia

Hello to anyone who’s reading this,

I’m Valerie Barajas, I’m 24 years a wife to an amazing husband (he told me to add that) haha jk. Of course I’m a mother to two beautiful kids! Amelia who just turn 4 and Nolan who is about 18 months. I’m also a dog mom to a 3 year old German Shepherd. My husband says If it were up to me I would have like 10 dogs but I think 3 is good maybe 4 haha okay maybe just one more.

Some say I’m so lucky to be able to stay home with them. I just think my fridge isn’t stocked with enough wine to handle these two all day, but I will say I am very blessed to be able to see them grow into these tiny little humans with attitudes of teenagers. Did I mention I’m a self proclaimed photographer. It started as a hobby then turn into a business. Now I’m just on a break. Who knows when I will get back to it. Hopefully one day.

Since I could remember I’ve always wanted to start a blog but I always talked myself out of it. Since the new year started I thought I would give it a go! I usually like to keep to myself about the struggles of being a wife and a mom but if I can help make one mom laugh or give her hope that everything is going to be okay. Then that’s enough for me.

My hope is to provide good content, silly story’s, maybe some yummy recipes,things I’ve learned along the way, even overcoming personal difficulties and maybe some diy!

-Sometimes A Good Mom