Diy Fall Wreath

Diy fall wreath

Today on my blog I wanted to show you how to diy a fall wreath for around 10 dollars.


I actually wasn’t planning on making a fall wreath when I went to the dollar store. I was only going to find buckets to organize my kids toys. Then I saw the Halloween and fall stuff they put out already and got super excited!  Is anyone else ready for fall? I don’t think we have much of a fall here in Vegas but at least I can decorate my house right. I am looking forward to decorating for Halloween since Amelia is already asking when it is and telling me what she wants to be. Anyways backs to the diy..

Things you’ll need
– flowers
– sign (optional)
– glue gun
– string (to hang)
– burlap ribbon
– metal wreath
– scissors


I had grabbed some flowers, the metal wreath and burlap ribbon. The sign I got wasn’t going to be part of it but once I got home I realized 2 things. 1 I didn’t know where to put the sign since it’s kinda small. 2 I didn’t buy enough flowers. I loved the sayings on the sign and still wanted to use it.

I used my glue gun to glue the metal wreath to the sign. Then I took my burlap ribbon and wrapped it around the areas that where showing. If your wondering why I didn’t just wrap the wreath before glueing the sign it’s because I wanted the sign to be sturdy.

I just used my glue gun to glue the ribbon.

I took out all the flower off the stem. Be careful with some they usually come out easy but some of them didn’t. I cut the plastic behind them don’t cut it too short or the flower will fall apart. Then I just started glueing all the flowers to the burlap ( I forgot to take a picture of this process). I ended up adding the bow at the end with left over ribbon. I took some string I had and tired it to the window.

There you have it a nice fall wreath for less then $10. Btw this is my 1st time making one can you tell I totally winged it. Hahaha

Hopefully you guys like this diy fall wreath and try it out!